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what every white guy with dreadlocks looks like



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y’all think I have time to google every post I see? sike bitch tumblr my news source I see a post saying I’m dead ima believe it

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pros of being hit by a truck: i am fairly sure i have broken every bone in my body and severely crippled the dastardly skeleton inside me
cons of being hit by a truck: i am trapped in a full body cast with said skeleton and i know for a fact that he is plotting his revenge and i’m fucking terrified

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in 7th grade my crush was in a relationship for two hours

a thrilling and emotional saga

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what the fuck is this websites humour

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Organic Cotton Cactus Shorties // $18

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google chrome incognito is like that really cool aunt who won’t tell your parents about your dirty secrets thanks aunt google

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Natural Eye Color Chart

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